Thank you for applying to serve as an instructor at the Greater Williamsburg Launchpad! We know you are giving up billable client time because you want to help others! Thanks for asking to help.

Being a Greater Williamsburg Launchpad instructor is a huge honor and a tribute to your dedication to helping new entrepreneurs to be as successful as possible. We recognize that teaching at the Launchpad may result in you getting business opportunities from some of the class attendees. In order to maintain a solicitation-free, unbiased learning environment, we do not permit active solicitation of your services or products before, during or after the class that you teach. We appreciate your compliance with this requirement.

Apply to Teach

4 + 3 = ?

First – Thank you for taking the time to open your heart and complete this application. We know it is tough to apply for anything, and we honor you and your application.

Second – We don’t accept everyone who applies to be an instructor. Some people we don’t accept have significant technical skills, are business, non-profit and government leaders in the community. Some have pure and lovely intentions and want to give back, but do not have the teaching experience to be a high-level resource for our Launchpad clients. We don’t accept everyone who applies.

Third – Selection is based on instructor experience with proven excellence in teaching and working with adult learners. Please be prepared to hear “no thanks, but please apply again.”

Fourth….We will let you know if you have been denied or accepted as faculty as soon as possible and by 4 weeks prior to the scheduled class.

Finally…. It’s our job to bring world-class instructors to the Launchpad. We are obligated to provide the best of the best. We honor your willingness and commitment to serving the entrepreneur community in Greater Williamsburg.