Mentorship and Education; key components of TBIC

TBIC is focused on building a community for entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Part of the TBIC community is made up of our mentors.  Our mentors share their knowledge and and lessons learned to our community members.

Today, we were fortunate enough to have Lisa Fournier of Norfolk Fair Trade Company and Kristin Fitch of Ziggity Zoom travel in from Norfolk to work Michael Cooke, founder of Hortus America.  Together they discussed customer validation, prototyping and how to get a product to market as quickly and at the lowest cost possible.  Pretty powerful and important, especially when starting a company.

At TBIC, we understand that it takes a team and it’s nearly impossible to know the answers to every challenge you may face as an entrepreneur.  That’s why we are constantly building our mentor pool to provide our members with expert mentors.

All of our members (full access, virtual and relocating) have access to our mentors.  Learn more about our memberships here.