NurseCall Launches to Provide Concierge Medical Care for Tourists and Business Travelers

Williamsburg, VA – Coinciding with the unofficial start of summer, NurseCall, a new concierge medical service for tourists and business travelers, launched this past Memorial Day. The 24-hour NurseCall hotline allows individuals and families to request medical care at hotels, timeshares and other vacation residences.

Instead of wasting precious time in an unfamiliar doctor’s office, crowded emergency room, or unknown urgent care facility, individuals seeking medical help can simply request an on-site visit by one of NurseCall’s registered nurses. All NurseCall nurses are experienced, licensed, bonded, insured, and background checked. The founder of NurseCall, Judy Bradby, has 28 years of experience as a registered nurse and understands that getting sick away from home is far worse than being sick at home.

“I’m a diehard traveller, I’ve been to many different countries and been unwell in more than a few. Vacation time is precious and when you don’t feel well, you just want it handled quickly and quietly so you can get right back to the reason you came in the first place.” said Judy, of the inspiration that led her to create NurseCall.

Among the diagnostic and first-aid services NurseCall provides are testing for strep throat, the flu, and even pregnancy. The service is private, professional, and discreet. Business travelers and busy families can take advantage of the 24-hour hotline, saving time and energy when schedules are tight.

But NurseCall isn’t just for sudden illness. What makes NurseCall so valuable to tourists and business travelers is their professional network of medical care providers and suppliers. For example, for those individuals who use medical devices on a daily basis, such as CPAP machines for sleep apnea, diabetic supplies, or prosthetic devices, one forgotten item left at home can mean serious medical trouble on vacation. NurseCall’s team can coordinate replacement parts or even help trouble-shoot devices that aren’t functioning correctly.

“I keep thinking of that poor woman who’s had a mastectomy and lost her luggage containing her specialty bra. She shouldn’t need to spend her trip feeling out of sorts and off balance. We can help her.” said Judy.

NurseCall celebrates their launch with a Williamsburg Chamber of Commerce ribbon-cutting ceremony this Saturday, May 30th at 10:00am. To attend, please send a message to, or call 757-775-7677.